Running or Spinning

I wanted to get your thoughts on running or spinning. I have had some old diet mentality about exercise = weight loss. On the one hand, I know in my heart that exercise doesn’t equal weight loss, but that has worked in the past and my brain is like, “Running is the only way to stay slim.” Or something like, “Your body looks its best when you are running.” Another big one is, “It’s wimpy to back out of a run.”

I am finding, however, as I get older, my body is not recovering in the same way it used to, and I resist/resent the thought that I have to run. I would like to spin instead. My brain is calling me a wimp and to suck it up and run, to stay tough – thoughts on this? I want to have the freedom to choose to move my body in a way that serves me, but also in a way where I don’t think I am giving into my primitive brain that running is too hard.