Running out of thoughts!

This question already seems silly in my head, but I figured I’d ask it anyway. This is my second month of scholars. December was great. I did (most) of my daily thought downloads and models. I directed my downloads based on my impossible goal, and would pick things I wrote down in the pre-download homework to get going. Now we’re on day 2 of January and I already feel like I can’t think of things to do downloads on. I know I should be able to find things in my every day life, but things are overall going well for me right now and nothing seems worthy of a download. I realize that is a thought that I should probably change! However, I was wondering if you have suggestions of questions we can use to prompt ourselves to start the daily thought downloads. I have a feeling you will tell me to ask myself that question 🙂 so I’ll list a few I thought of in hopes that you’ll contribute some more!
– What was the hardest part of your last week?
– Did you have any fails in the last week? If not, what made it so successful?
– What results are you happy with in your life, and what results do you want to change?
– What circumstances do you still struggle to see as neutral?

Thank you!