Ruth Badger Ginsburg

This is a model I want to explore.

I am not American. I AM a woman, and Ruth Badger Ginsburg’s life and death has shaken something in me with tears streaming down my face, which is like an earthquake inside of me.

I read a line about her –

“Justice Ginsburg was a principled defender of justice for all. While she fought against the power structure, she always had faith in our underlying systems. Systems that rely on the honesty and integrity of the people behind them. The next several days will put that faith — and the people charged with upholding it — to the test”

It is the line – that she was both a fighter against the power structure and had faith in the underlying systems”. She knew how to work with the legal tool she had, she understood the chessboard, and she believed in the chessboard and all the pieces.

What I am figuring out is my underlying system is MY BRAIN. I can have faith in how it works and how the Model works. And I can be a “fighter” about anything that inspires me because of my faith in knowing how my brain works, and that all of the twists and turns and dippsydoodles is just the full human experience. I can be with that all (because I already have).

That amount of clarity is stunning.
That amount of ease is fun
That amount of power – that is some serious horsepower.

But here is something I am just figuring out.
That power has been with me all along.
Like how Brooke talks about Money – there is a pile of it for everyone, it is mine to claim.
The power is in me. And I can now feel how I am claiming it.

Here is the intentional model

C- My Life
T – My Power is in me
F – I can feel my connection
A- Each thing I do is linked to the deep connection within me. There is integrity and authenticity. There is less grip, less resistance kind of force.
R – I am agile, nimble, clear in my speaking

It’s funny, you know, this connection and power piece has been revealing itself to me for some time. My ability to be with it. Now it just feels solid. It feels me.
I have LCS to thank for being a guide.