This is s big one! How is my model?

Hi Brooke,

I’m sitting in my car at 5:30 am for the lab to open at 7.00 am. I’m holding a spot for my 2 year old grandson to get lab work to rule out some horrific medical issues. My daughter is s pediatric nurse and she sees a lot of really bad things where she works and knows way too much about what can happen to children and families.

C: Abby’s intuition
T: I am so afraid that Abby’s intuition about Ryder’s symptoms will be correct and devastating
E: FEAR!!!!!!
A: feel panic, feel vibrations all throughout my body. I’m thinking that each time we as a family have medical concerns she has always been right on. I’m sitting here at 5:30 am waiting for the lab to open at 7:00 so my grandson will be first to be seen. I cancelled all my appointments today to be with Abby so she is not alone when she gets results.
R: FEAR!!!!!!!

C: Abby’s intuition
T: There is a greater likelihood that Abby’s intuition is wrong based on what pediatrician says and from a stats point of view.
E: certain ( listened to hopefully podcast )
A: remind myself that it is impossible for abby to be correct all the time. This will be the time she is wrong
R it is more likley abby is wrong about my grandson