S.A.D disorder

Hi Brooke!

I was wondering if the “Seasonal Affective Disorder” could be cured with just thinking new thoughts?

I do not have this, but my husband seems to have it. Personally I don’t understand it and I’ve never been emotionally affected by the weather whatsoever. I was curious about this so I thought I would ask you your thoughts on this.

Here is a model that would typically happen on the regular.

C: it’s cloudy outside.
T: life is horrible, who would want to be alive right now? (These are his thoughts that he would vocalize to me)
F: I assume he’s feeling depressed. All the while I’m feeling just fine.
A: not motivated to do anything.
R: doesn’t get things done.

Is there a better way for him to think about this?

Thanks so much!!

I cannot wait for your answer!

Debbie ❄️🌧⛈🌨🌥⛅️🌤☀️