I remember being in High School in 1971, in a typing class (with typewriters)! I could type 70 words per minute which was considered very fast. I was sitting next to a guy I had a crush on and he made a comment about how fast I was, and then I was embarrassed and did not want anyone to know how fast I could type.

I find this often happening where when I achieve something and others comment on my success or my abilities it makes me uncomfortable.

C: I signed up for Scholars
T: People won’t like me if I am successful
F: Worry
A: I have split energy . . . A) I want to do my best; B) I hesitate and question what I am doing
R: I don’t respect myself enough to do what is best for me

C: I signed up for scholars
T: I am “ALL IN” for 6 months
F: Optimism
A: I create a calendar; I keep examining my thoughts and feelings; I complete “to do” each day.
B: I respect that I am doing the best I can do