Sabotage Myself

Whenever I have a event coming up I feel like I sabotage myself. I want to look and feel good at the event. Typically I eat more in the days before the event which leads to me feeling puffy/bloated and feel like I won’t look they way i want to for event. And even though these thoughts come up …I dont “care” that I’m eating more (in the moment). I tried to see if I’m nervous about the event or something else that triggers the overeating. Having difficulty getting intentional model…

C eat more before event
T I sabotage myself
F defeat
A eat more. Skip workouts. Wallow. Complain
R I sabotage myself

C event coming up
T I want to look good for event
F meh
*this is where I’m stuck… I’m guessing I need a new thought?
Thanks for your suggestions 🙂