Sabotaging my Progress

Before I joined I had a weight in mind that would be my comfortable set point. Once I started to do this work, I realized I wanted to aim a bit lower, make it a bit more scary/exciting to work towards.

I am currently below the original number I had as a goal (155 lbs). Yet I find myself relaxing my protocol and hovering around this number. My new goal is 135 but I have not gotten under 150 and every time I am in the low 150s there is the thought “you have room for flexibility as long as you are below 155”.

I feel as though the new number is far fetched enough that I don’t believe I can reach it so I fail ahead of time (??). My brain seems to be stuck on 155 lbs as the realistic goal and then I give myself permission to indulge and go off protocol as a reward for being under my original goal.

How do we reconcile a stretch goal and believe it enough to not discount it and fail ahead of time? Would it be helpful to go for 145 instead?