Sabotaging My Triathlon Training Plan — Trying Again

Sorry, I hit enter too soon on the question before, so disregard that one. I am six weeks from a triathlon and have not been following my training plan for the last two weeks, mostly due to illness. I am now physically fine, but am still avoiding the workouts and bemoaning the fact that ” I don’t have time today, because I need to catch up on work.” I realized that the idea of following this training plan all the way through is scary because I might actually do really well, and because it’s different (and I believe better) then how I have structured my training in the past. I can see that this is my brain wanting to keep the status quo of lower expectations, more flexibility in my workouts and less pressure because “I didn’t really train that much”. I want to move through those thoughts and be the person who sticks to detailed plans for months at a time, who plans and keeps every date with herself, regardless of work or kids schedules, and who meets that goal on my vision board of placing in the top 3 in my age group. Doing this seems like an important step in moving towards other big scary goals. What advice do you have for continuing to move towards the big scary goal and the idea of being that person?