Sacred Moments

I am a scholar for one month.
I discovered Brooke’s podcast only recently and have been taking the time to listen to its episodes from the beginning. I am now at episode #32 and have a question regarding her tool of Sacred Moments.
Brooke teaches in this episode to plan for the moments when I will have a thought that will lead me to overeat, and be prepared with a strong alternative thought that will help me not overeat.

So what I have done for this first month as a scholar is creating lists and lists of thoughts that I was hoping that at the sacred moment will help me not overeat. And I was unsuccessful 100% of the times. The thoughts that I kept coming up with, proved to not be strong enough.

So on one hand, the Model teaches me that my thoughts will always create how I feel, how I act, and what results I have. Clearly this past month proved that to be true.
On the other hand, in this podcast, Brooke mentions the following:

“If you get to that moment and your new thought isn’t quite strong enough, I want you to remember the lesson from how to feel. It doesn’t mean you have to eat. You can say to yourself in that moment, ‘I’m willing to feel the negative emotion that’s going to come up when I don’t eat. I’m willing to be in that moment and not eat.'”

It seems like I have wasted this entire month on trying to come up with better thoughts that will lead me to act on them, when this quote suggests otherwise.
Would you care to explain please?