sad dog feelings – question on intentional model on kindness after dog hit on highway

Here is my day 4 model page. I have a hunch that my intentional model could be tweaked and improved.

1. Great about yesterday – My daughter (she’s 4) and her uncle went by themselves on the ferry together for the first time. (it’s a 2 hour trip)
I was able to help her transition from me to somewhere else by giving her a job and purpose. “give your ticket to the ticket collector”. this helped her transition well.

2. Wasn’t great about yesterday. – Coming home, I saw a young lady stop to drag a dog off the highway that had got hit by the car. I stopped to help, I was concerned that it might be her dog and that she might need help to cope. She didn’t know the dog, but realized it wasn’t going to make it. It had been hit hard by a truck. There was blood. I offered to drive to the nearest vet, but the dog had passed. Someone else arrived and said they knew the dog and took charge of the situation.

C. Dog on highway.
T. It was sad to be there watching it pass.
F. Sad
A. Continue being sad as I drove home. Remember other sad things through a sad lense.
R. Allow that sadness to transfer into other areas of my life.

C. Dog on highway
T. Stopping to help was a kind, caring thing to do.
F. Kind
A. Stop and do what I can to help.
R. Provide evidence that I’m a kind person.

Which even though it’s probably true, is something other people say about me, rather than something I especially recognize in myself. I just try to do what’s right and what my dad would have done. He is a very kind person.

How is my intentional model? I didn’t want to create a “not sad” thought, because I wanted to be sad. For a little while. But I also wanted to contain the sad feeling to this specific incident and not other things. thanks