Sad news

Hi Brooke

Unfortunately my mother in law was diagnosed with brain cancer yesterday and my own brain is sending me into a spin. I am letting myself cry, but also trying to start working on some thoughts. I want to just take the news one step at a time and be there for my husband, but my brain is taking me through all the sadness ahead already.

I am having so many thoughts – I am pregnant so sad our daughter probably won’t know her grandmother, my husband’s father only died a few years ago so I’m so sad he has to go through this again, my husband drinks a lot so I’m scared that will escalate as a coping mechanism etc etc.

She had surgery last night which was risky but I found a thought I liked ‘I will trust the brain surgeon’. The surgery did go smoothly but as each new piece of information appears I feel like I need a bit more of an overarching thought to keep me grounded.

C Brain cancer
T Our future will be so sad
F Upset
A Cry, worry about the future, question why these things have to happen
R Dread the future

C Brain cancer
T We will take it one step at a time
F Grounded
A Try not to spin out on future thoughts
R Take each piece of information as it comes

As I said my main focus is being there for my husband so want to clear up my thoughts where I can.
Thanks xx