Sadness lb

I just finished cleaning my closet in my allotted time. I also cleaned and additional towels and bedding closet. In the time I allotted I was also able to take these things to the thrift store. You would think I’d be a ecstatic but I feel a deep sense of sadness. I have thoughts that I gave too much away. I have thoughts that I can never have these things back. I have thoughts that the two matching silk dresses my babies wore for my father‘s wedding will no longer be in my closet. It makes me want to cry. At this moment I do not have a feeling of lightness or happiness just sadness and the pain of time passing. And although I used the three questions when deciding what to do with my things I have a lingering since I’ve a feeling that I used to have when I was a compulsive over eater and I would binge and purge. I feel like I made solid choices today but this feeling is eerily familiar. I would love thoughts on this thank you so much