Said something insensitive

Yesterday, I was at a training on how to de-escalate disruptive behavior. I work at a hospital. We all took turns role-playing an employee interacting or rather providing customer service to an irate veteran.

There was a role-play between a pharmacist and an unhappy vet who felt she had waited too long. Universally, feedback had been positive about what the employee did right. I felt the pharmacist employee sounded to my ears like she was reading a script and had said these words without any feeling a hundred times before. In the end, what she said was information for the person.

Of course, my views are subjective. I started judging myself and trying to figure out if I was wrong in saying what I thought. I felt I had violated the unwritten code of being nice.

Here’s my conundrum, do I say what I am thinking in the moment or take my time to figure out how to say it diplomatically.

C: Give feedback that pharmacist sounded like she was scripted & not listening
T: I should not have said it
F: Defensive
A: Explained I thought she was not present in the moment
R: Self doubt

Maybe the “pharmacist” acted perfectly.
I want to get over my self-doubt. I want to speak up and not beat up on myself.