Same goal after 3 yrs, same result


I pulled out a journal and from the past 3 years my goals have been the same: have 3-5 paying clients per month, cut back to 20hrs per week at full-time job, in a year be full time in business, quit job.

I tried to put down on paper the most common thoughts that are keeping me from achieving these goals because I still work full time in my job, get 1-2 clients sporadically each month or couple months.

Unintentional models:
C: 0-1 clients per month
T: I don’t know how to get consistent clients
F: confused, stuck
A: buffer on IG
R: no actions toward getting clients.

C: Full time at job
T: It’s going to take so long until I can quit this job
F: overwhelm, inpatient
A: avoid planning
R: no progress on biz.

I came up with more, which was helpful to get on paper and see that I think negatively and doubtful more than in the belief that I can achieve this or that I am achieving my goals.

As I’m writing this I’m realizing I clearly don’t focus on my future or practice being that future self. In Brookes podast ep 231 she asks who are you becoming and living from that place. In my future I want to be a woman who can take care of herself financially, runs a successful nutrition coaching business, is confident and assertive.

Intentional model
C: Fulltime in nutrition private practice
T: I am becoming a successful business owner
F: confident
A: work with clients, create value
R: working full time in business

I guess my original question was how do I get out of this 3 year rut and maybe the answer is start thinking more as my future, practice being her more?