Same hours but more success

Hello Brooke/coaches,
I watched the most recent coaching call with Brooke where Brooke mentioned that she works just 3 days a week!!
She’s planning to continue doing that and believes that she can get to $100M. It blew my mind!!
How can she Actually get everything done in just three days?
What does she do the other days?Does she not think about work at all? Or is she kind of passively planning even on those days?
I want to get to next level in my career and so far the only way I’ve been planning it is through putting extra time and working my ass off.
I have also seen other people following this route (working longer hours) who got to where I want to be. Although, I have come across some super genius people getting promoted without working extra hours.. im not as smart as they are. I have to put in extra hours to match what they deliver
It’s really interesting for me to actually hear from the podcast but also from the money course that you can actually spend the same amount of time working as you’re doing today and still get to the next level!! Is this possible fot everyone?
If so, How do I do that? I know you may not have the answer for me and the answer has to come from me but what are some steps that I can actually take to get this answer out of me?
Thanks for your help