Same or different urge?

I had an urge for thai tea when I was ordering lunch over the phone. I allowed the urge and didn’t order it. I put a bead in my urge jar before going out to pick up the order. When I got there, a thai tea was included as a complimentary item for being a loyal customer. I was delighted with the surprise but also disappointed because I didn’t want to have the drink. I ended up drinking the thai tea after lunch. Does this mean that I never allowed the urge to begin with or are these two separate urges (one I allowed, and one I gave into) even though it’s the same item?

The same thing happened tonight. I had an urge to eat a chicken empanada even though I wasn’t hungry. I put a bead in my urge jar. After I returned from my workout, I had the urge again and ended up giving into the urge and eating the chicken empanada. I’m thinking that these are two different instances of the urge for the same thing. I’m also wondering if I truly processed the urge. Is it normal to have the same urge resurface a few hours later?