Same Problem Different Level

Hi, I am experiencing something new now. My main challenge that I found during this training is my resentment. I have learned how to feel it and letting it out and practice to turn my thought in a way that serves me. But I found something interesting that for some situations even the old thought is still there I am able to not reacting to this and focus on my new model which works so far. But for some other situations I am still in the first step, I am wondering how I can be in control about my thought in some situations but In some others I am still out of control. For instance, Now I have a good control on more listening to people than talking to them which was not my habit before. But for the other goal; I need to be more focused n study efficiently to pass the specific exam within 3 months, which my thought is ,it is boring but I know it is temporary to be in this situation, I know it is hard but I know I am capable to do it. And I am letting my resentment comes out n sit with it rather than quitting.I am doing thought download, working on a model, doing affirmations.but I am still not 100% focused. I am thinking how it is working well in some ways but I am getting back in an emotional childhood in the other ways. Thanks