Saving for future benefit and feelings of lack now

I am taking my family on a 3 month holiday and want to work through some of my money issues around this. How do I deal with saving for some future benefit and not experiencing feelings of lack?

C holiday
T I need to save now so we can have more money to go away with
F lack
A try not to spend money
R controlling and worrying

New model
C holiday
T there will be enough money. There is always enough money.
F calm peaceful
A be deliberate in spending now
R money amount is what it is

I still have thoughts ‘I should save more so we can have a safety net’

Do I just keep working through models on each of the thoughts? Keep going and discovering? Maybe the underlying issue is that I don’t really believe there is always enough money.

Can you help me with some bridging thoughts?

This money stuff is great- thank you for creating and providing.