Saying goodbye to baggy pants

Hi Brooke,

I have been losing quite a bit of weight over this year. I also believe that this weight is permanently off. I have 22 pounds left to go. I bought new pants just a few months ago, and then have been needing to get new pants again because my new pants quickly became baggy. I believe I just bought the wrong pants because I still see myself as a big person. I was challenged in the modelthon to start thinking of myself as my future self, a skinny person, rather than how far I have come.

While shopping yesterday, I decided I will buy leggings and then get new clothes in December. I am so done with wearing baggy pants! I thought long and hard – do I want to buy small or medium? Decided upon small because I’ll be in it most likely by the end of the month. Well, small fits – I went from size 10 to small (granted, I’m wearing leggings right now). I so needed to hear your message on saying goodbye and what would a skinny person think.

(By the way – I have lost 6 pounds since the modelthon by eating more food – an observation on my protocol by Pat, mind is blown)

Bye Bye Baggy Pants!