Saying goodbye to things you like

For the sake of constraining, I’m stopping memberships in other programs I have been involved in as Scholars pretty much covers everything. However I’m finding it hard to let go. Previously I never quit anything as long as I was still receiving benefit out of it. But I’m realizing there is literally not enough hours in the day to do all the work of all the programs and still create and spend time with my family and tend to my health and do my certification studies. I literally added up the hours and made myself crazy trying to do it all.

I keep thinking, “I love this program, I love this coach, there’s nothing wrong with it, I shouldn’t stop it” but I also don’t want to pay for 6 coaching programs or watch that much content. My brain also tells me I feel bad for stopping someone else’s program, like I’m hurting their feelings or something, I realize this is ridiculous as these people don’t even know me, and maybe we’ve talked on Zoom once or twice.

What can I tell my brain to make letting go feel less terrible?