Saying my thoughts at meetings

We have a 30min faculty with 5-8 people in a small room once a week. I’m one of the newer part-time faculty in the group. The others in the group are much more experienced than me and there is a lot of politics that have gone on before my time. There is an undercurrent of some not liking others and at times we go in circles discussing something that neither person ends up negotiating on. I see this all go down as a sort of fresh eyes outsider and I have an internal monologue in my head about what I want to say in response to everything I’m hearing. One of the times I tried speaking up, the director of the group cut me off to say something else before I could step in. The whole time I’m working on managing my thoughts around this all being neutral and just accepting that they may not be interested in hearing what I have to say. More recently I did end up speaking up loud enough and in a conversation break where I said my mind about things. After the meeting was over, one of the co-directors came to my office to explain that things were more complicated that I could know and it wasn’t that simple. I replied with an optimistic attitude about it and simply left it at that. My question in all of this is how do I decide what more to bring to the table versus letting them just continue to be an outside circumstance and myself a passive observer? I want to make positive change, so I want to continue speaking up out of principle, but if it isn’t welcome, then I am also fine just staying quiet. Do I ask that same co-director privately what my role can be in these meetings, or do I just continue to go with the flow and not stir the waters? It doesn’t sound like there is a right answer, but if you could help me sort out how to deal with my idealism vs practicality, that would be awesome. Thanks!