Saying NO

Hello! I am brand new to SCS and love it already. I was wondering if you would demo a model for me? I am unclear how to use the model for this type of situation.

I have been a tattoo artist since 1998 and over half the years I’ve been practicing I’ve had massive resistance to drawing peoples requests. Recently I developed a system for changing the way I do business and only want to tattoo the images I have already created. (Tattooing is not my only source of income and I only tattoo three days a week now.) This system has great potential for all the wonderful things I want to experience with this career, but I am having HUGE issues telling people NO when they make requests! I am MISERABLE when trying to draw someone else’s idea, (to the extent of not tattooing almost at all for a few years!) but always choke when confronted with a request. How might I use the model to learn how to stick to my script? TIA!