Scale is not budging!

Hello, I joined scholars 5 weeks ago. Very interested in learning the model and applying it to my life.

I chose weight loss as my initial motivating topic/ project to tackle in TLCS. I’m 5’3” weighing 132. I’m 54 years old. I’m hoping to lose 8-10 lbs. I’ve been at this weight for a couple of years. The last time I reached my goal weight of 125 was 5 years ago when I went on multi-small meals very calorie-restricted diet for 6 weeks. I also lost half of my hair : ).

I’ve been intermittent fasting for 6 months now. I’m fully fat-adapted with no cravings. As a former chocoholic, I’m thrilled to have NO cravings for sweets. I can easily do 18-20 hour fast without feeling deprived/ starving. I have been completely avoiding sugar and flour for at least 3 months if not longer. My meals are often a green salad with some form of fat ( avocado, dressing) and 4oz protein, and a couple of tablespoons of nut butter once/ day. I haven’t had “joy meals”. I don’t drink alcohol. In the past 3 months, I have had a total of 5oz of wine.

I feel well. I don’t have cravings. I have energy. I exercise 3-4 times a week ( bar method class, 1 hr each).
I am working on my thoughts works/ emotions/ etc. but not as consistently as I should. I listen to Brooke recordings often.

With all this, the scale and my size have not budged!!!! So frustrating. I have no intentions of giving up, but I feel like I’m missing a key piece of the puzzle here and can’t figure it out from the resources available to scholars.