Scale not budging

I initially lost 8 lbs and then try scale hasn’t budged. These are all my thoughts I know I need to do models on.
This isn’t going to work
Might as well quit and have crepes
It’s my thyroid
I’m starving so my body is holding onto what it can
I’m doing it wrong, obviously
Maybe I’m not eating enough?
Maybe I’m eating too much fat?
Maybe I’m eating too much fruit?

It’s noisy but there are what ifs in there I’m anxious about. How do I know if I’m on the right protocol? I don’t want to lose two weeks of momentum if I could have been losing with a simple tweak.
Protocol: lunch and dinner at 12 and 6: 4 oz protein, 10 oz veggies, 1/2 piece of fruit. I’m also eating a few Tbsp fat at each meal but not measuring that part. Such as eating a spoon of almond butter on my half banana.
I realize this is where the rubber hits the road. Just needed coaching right now so I can learn how to navigate these moments the best way.