Scale not changing despite sticking to protocol

The scale hasn’t really been changing over the last month. I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, so I’m open to the fact that this really could just take some time. I am really seeing the parallels between the weight loss process and the process of developing and growing a business, so I’m taking this as a learning process. It’s very likely that the first thing I try might NOT work. And, I get to decide how to think about that. I’m struggling a little with knowing WHEN to make changes – I can see how this would apply to both the weight loss process and also to my business building. Here are some of the models floating around in my head.

C: Scale has not changed in one month
T: Maybe it’s not possible to lose more weight / F: defeated / A: stop taking massive action and fail ahead of time / R: I don’t lose weight, and I don’t evolve
T: I was right, it IS impossible for me to lose more weight / F: defiant / A: abandon protocol, ruminate about why thoughtwork isn’t working / R: I don’t lose weight and I don’t evolve
T: It’s possible that this is happening for a reason, to teach me a useful skill / F: openminded / A: continue to stick to the plan with love and ease, without self-criticism and beratement / R: I stay open to to lessons this is teaching me
T: See, my thoughts DON’T create my results / Anger / look for other ideas, start researching, buffer with research, abandon thoughtwork / R: I don’t lose weight, AND my new thought DOES create my new result

These are all pretty unintentional. Can someone help me come up with some useful thoughts? How do I know if something is legitimately just “not working”? And if that’s the case, when do I know to change something? I’m thinking of incorporating some more fasting, but I want to be careful not to start messing with things too fast.

Also, it’s true that I dropped about 5 pounds pretty quickly, and it’s also possible that my body is just adjusting to my new weight. I”m overall very proud of the work I’ve done to get to this point, but I”d really like to see myself do something IMPOSSIBLE and lose that last ten pounds between me and my goal weight.

How do I know when it’s time to make a change, and how do I do that? Thank you!