I so want to change my career, but I find myself constantly buffering as I am in a comfortable, unfulfilling position. I have spoken with career coaches to help me try and figure out a path, but I can not seem to hone in on one. I see someone’s career and I may even think that’s a good option out of the blue and still do not focus. It is very disheartening as I know I want more and want to make a contribution, but can not seem to get there. I have done some thought downloading and reaching out, but this had been happening for years. I am even willing to put myself out there for training, but I am limited financially and have not managed to utilize any of my previous trainings thus far into a fulfilling career. I hear folks speak of their careers, accomplishments and retirement which leaves me with a sense of inadequacy and jealousy as I have not even begun to find my purpose. I do not like these thoughts, but I can not help feeling them. Any input would be appreciated .