I need to do better ! I am burnt out to the point that I’m not showing up at work, I’m not showing up for my cat, and I’m not showing up for myself. When I say I’m not showing up, I mean I’m not doing the things I’d usually do which is Monday hour one, following my calendar, coming up with ways to add value at work, I’m beating myself for spending money on junk food that is not serving me, I’m not giving my cat attention, I’m not giving myself attention.

I’ve been aware of not showing up and I’ve been just trying to push myself forward at work pretending that I like it there. What I need to work on are my thoughts around job and money scarcity, it’s not serving me.

Money scarcity thoughts:
*I won’t be able to purchase the items I want
*It’ll take me X years to recoup my savings if I quit my job
*I need to figure out how to make more money
* I wish I could make a lot without hustling
* I wonder what other people who make a lot of money are doing
* I constantly need to save in case I lose my job again

Job Scarcity Thoughts:
* I won’t be able to find another job that pays as much as I make now to cover the bills
*Without a job, I’ll need to delay purchases I planned on making
* I fear without a job paying X or more, I won’t be able to buy a house
* I need a job that supports what I value
* health insurance costs are insane without having a corporate job
* I won’t be able to find a job where I’m using all my strengths

What questions can I be asking myself to see what other thoughts are tied to money or job scarcity ?

What questions can I ask about my current thoughts ? Here are some questions I’ve thought about
, what else ?
*what am I making the thought mean?
* where else in my life am I seeing this thought?
* Is this thought serving me?
*Is this thought true ?