Scarcity, Fear, and Anxiety of the Unknown

I’m a new entrepreneur, I’ve been working on my business part time while holding my full time job, but in May I’ll have enough saved up to live off of for about a year to really give my new business a full time shot, and I’ll be leaving my corporate job. It’s terrifying and exciting at the same time. I haven’t made a ton of money in the past, but I am confident that this year I’ll be turning more profit. I’m finally starting to get some traction and its really exciting. But I also am finding that with this new growth I’m starting to get really nervous that its all going to fall out from underneath me, or that “I’m putting all my eggs in one basket”. I feel really anxious sometimes that its not going to work out. I’ve always had certainty in where my income was coming from in the past, and in May… I won’t quite have that certainty. I feel like a bipolar entrepreneur. One moment I feel unstoppable, confident, and abundant. The next day I feel scarcity, fear, and anxiety. It’s like different days I’m able to fully believe in 2 different thoughts. I’m able to push past the fear and still get my work done, but I hate that it happens so easily.

What I want to feel is calm, abundance, confidence, infinitely curious, and unwavering… I’d like to feel peace even when things feel uncertain and changing. I’d like to feel peace in the unknown… because thats what I’m stepping into starting in May.

How do I practice thoughts of abundance and confidence in myself and my new business (thoughts that I have no trouble believing on the good days) when things feel out of my control, uncertain, and hard. It’s confusing for me because it feels easy to do the models… I feel like i believe both thoughts simultaneously, Confidence and Anxiety. I have always been able to do whatever I’ve set my mind to in the past, so that feeds the thought that I can do this… I can do hard things. But the anxiety just comes because its completely new territory for me. I feel like I’m going in circles here. Help! I want to be a full-time, confident, abundant badass! 🙂