Scarcity mentality

I have become very aware that I am so often thinking from a place/feeling of scarcity. For example when I see that someone i know has moved to a sunny climate (or even a friend’s daughter who is going to college there!) I feel jealous. I live in Seattle and I go back and forth as to whether I really even do want to move away (it’s amazing here but ,of course, in the winter I always want to move!) so it’s not even a completely clear and solid desire…. and intellectually I know that them moving isn’t keeping me out (there’s room for all of us right?!) …
This is just one example of many- comparison and jealousy are two of my go-to thoughts/emotions.

How do I change my thinking so that I am coming from a place of abundance and not needing to compare? Do I need to be taking more action in life so that I feel like I am ALWAYS doing my best or is it really just a matter of changing thoughts? And do you have any go-to thoughts you could share that make you feel abundant/that you are enough/etc?