Scarcity mentality

Hi Brooke,
I’ve been thinking about Scarcity mentality (you got me thinking when I was listening to the Money program). I’ve been concentrating on the overeating program, and believe my “I don’t know” reaction to why I have to “eat everything in the house” when there are leftovers, snacks, etc. is stemming from Scarcity. I grew up very poor, and even though I live alone now and have more than plenty, I feel a sense of desperation to consume NOW. I am just barely wrapping my head around this idea of Scarcity vs Abundance. I am having a hard time with the new thought. Maybe going from Scarce to Abundant is too much of a leap?
C: food in house
T: I need to eat this now
F: Scarcity
A: Eat food
C Food in house
F Abundance
A Do not eat, save for later
R Satisfied? Or is this the feeling?
Thank you,