Scarcity Mindset

Thought download about current financial situation:
I am in debt, I am working a job with very limited earning potential, my husband is only working by contract right now (earning very little comparatively), we only have a small amount in savings for emergencies, we are running out of money and already in debt, we never have enough money to both pay the bills and do the things we need/want to do.
C: Numbers on a bank statement
T: We never have enough money
F: Anxious
A: Don’t look at my bank account, keep spending per usual, daydream about windfalls, forgot to pay bills, when money does come in ruminate about whether to pay CC bill or spend it on something we need, dont budget, spin my wheels instead of taking any action to bring more money in
R: The cycle continues
C: Numbers on a bank statement
T: I am in charge of my finances
F: Motivated
A: brainstorm ways to bring in more money, open myself up to more opportunities to earn money
R: Create a more comfortable relationship with money
^Not sure how I feel about this thought, is “being in charge” of my money a good way of looking at a relationship? I don’t know what a good relationship with money truly looks like. I asked myself what someone with plenty of money would feel and think and came up pretty empty other than just believing they don’t have to worry about it. So maybe this IM instead?

C: Same
T: I have plenty of money (goal thought, need help with a ladder here)
F: Relaxed
A: Set up automatic bill payment, automatically draft to savings, learn how to invest, learn more about money, enjoy the abundance around me
R: Create more money

I am realizing my scarcity mindset is at the base of lots of my issues right now including time/space, as well as money, I have a much easier time though believing I can create more time/space for myself than money.