scarcity mindset

Hi Coaches,
I was eating popcorn, and a couple hours later I felt a roughness on my one tooth. I went to the mirror and saw that i have chipped my tooth. I immediately started to have mind drama and felt scarcity. I have a goal of earning 100K, and am trying to be in an abundance mindset.
Here is my model on it:

Circumstance: Tooth has been chipped
Thought: This is going to cost a fortune, I would have rather spent that money on something else!
Feeling: scarcity
Action: Try see if there is another way around it
Try and see if my mom will pay for me
begrudgingly make a booking
think about all the other things that I would rather have spent it on
ruminate over how this is such an unnecessary cost in my life.
Check if its absolutely necessary that I go and try and find ways around it
beat myself up for eating popcorn in the first place
Outcome: I dont feel abundant.

Now I ask, if I was a 100K earner what would I think? I would think that it’s just another minor inconvenience and that I better get my appointment booked so it can be out of the way. I wouldn’t even think about the cost, and just view it as something that happens in life!

It’s just so hard to be in that mindset when I feel like my business has significantly slowed down. I don’t have any new clients and haven’t signed a new client in months!

Please help coach me on this