Scarcity mindset and believing we have enough

I want to bridge the gap between my scarcity mindset and believing we have enough.

Our new couch was delivered today, I am over the moon with happiness. I am sitting in my family room with new furniture and decor, it looks amazing. My thought is that “I have everything I need”. Yesterday, however, with the old couch and decor, my thought was “We need a new couch. I love our house but a new couch will make it so much nicer.” I see how I’m letting the circumstance determine my thought.

How do I feel sufficient in my home while also seeing a need to do repairs and upgrades in the near future?
How do I feel sufficient in money when I know for example the property tax bill is coming and we haven’t saved enough yet? Or summer camps that need to be paid for?
I can see how figuring this out in one area is going to positively effect my life in so many areas I’m excited to do some work!
Thank you for your coaching!