Scarcity mindset coming forward

this month is really making me come into full contact with my scarcity mind set and how my lack of planning for project I want to do has left me with little do-dads waiting unused around my space. Which has been great work for me.
I also have a tendency to hang on to things for to long. I think ‘oh, I’ll fix it (sometimes I do), or ‘maybe I’ll use it someday’ or I simply feel guilty about throwing things away that really DO need to be thrown out. I think also I worry that other people will see my pile and be like ‘why are you getting rid of that???’ and pressure me into keeping it when I don’t want to.
I’m grateful for the trigger thoughts – my time with this is up or someone else will find this useful and love it. it lets me loosing my grip.

On top of that I’ve noticed how much I live unconsciously! The other day I had planned free time and thought ‘I should stretch, it would be so relaxing’ and I found myself mulling around doing other things – phone, internet, etc etc – instead of stretching. I finally ‘came-to’ and was like ‘what is going on? I want to stretch, I love it, why am I avoiding it?’
Still not sure, but once I figured out that I wasn’t being present I started stretching and it felt great, exactly what I wanted.

All in all I’m excited for the rest of October!