Scarcity Thinking around Time

First, thank you Brooke! While I’ve been an avid listener of your podcasts, this is my first month of SCS and I am loving it so far!

One of my big aha’s was that I have scarcity thinking around the concept of time, much like some people have scarcity thinking around money. I’ve always been so grateful for each day, and have tried to use my time wisely because I recognize how important it is. I’ve always thought this was a healthy, positive perspective to have — and in some ways it is, because I know my days are numbered so I don’t take my time for granted (or so I thought!).

But in other ways, it isn’t. Going through the exercises this month, I realized that I actually spend a lot of time researching and making sure a decision is the right one before moving forward. I’m so worried that if I don’t choose wisely, I’ll end up regretting it – and thus waste time . In reality, this thinking just creates fear and causes me to … yup, wastes time!

I also thought the “What makes time” section was good – especially how “failing” creates time. I realize that if I allow myself to make the “wrong” decision (and fail), I can make decisions more quickly and thus, create time.

No question – just wanted to share my aha’s.