hey there

i had a bad day and since that bad day I have negative thoughts i used to have about my bf.
They came again. Which i don’t mind because i know they are not true and i know this because i believed them twice and both times I had an epiphany that i don’t want to live without him. That i love him so much and that he’s the best thing that happened to me. etc. And that was amazing!!! but then the thoughts came and I began believing them again.. and acting on them. The thoughts were something like: he’s not enough, he’s not attractiv, he’s emberassing. Etc.

all the thoughts i used to have.
these Thoughts prevent me to see how special he is.

I don’t mind that they come up but what i do mind is believing them and act on them. It makes them stronger and more present and i’m not that girlfriend i know i truly am.

so i guess what i want to get help with is how to get out of that spiral. I know i love him but when they come up they brainwash me. I just go along with them. And they sometimes really strong.

thank you so much !! <3