Scared of husband leaving

Brooke you just coached a woman about her fear of her husband leaving her for a younger woman . It helped me so much. I have sort of stopped going all in on my relationship with my husband because he has some Health issues he will not address and I am afraid he’s going to die and leave me. He’s not going to turn me in for a new model like the other woman said, but he might not be around much longer if he continues to be in denial about his health and not turn to modern medicine for healing. I stopped thinking it wasn’t fair and I realized I’m not enjoying the time we have together now because I’ve been obsessing about him dying. He won’t act and I can’t control that. I realized I need to allow the possibility and accept the possibility of it. NOT the inevitability of it loaded with fear and regret while he’s here. Instead of resisting this possibility and then creating a loss while he’s still alive by my thoughts, words and actions, I can be grateful while he’s still here. His dad was also unhealthy but kept living until he was 79. I can also explore the possibility that he will outlast the time I have “predetermined” he will live. This has been plaguing me for 5 years. Thank you so much for your work!