Scared of emails from colleague

I have been getting negative responses to emails from a colleague. I have thoughts that he is rude to me and it has been noticed by the team. So the manager has taken steps to reduce my interactions with this man- this is evidence that he is unkind/dislikes me. The other colleagues also find him very rude and a bully and we talk about it and how to ‘manage’ him. I am so afraid every time I do need to email him, as part of my role, and am scared to check my inbox. Suggestions I have that are valid, scientifically, are not entertained by him, where they used to be. I hate that I’m giving him this power. I’ve spent months being coached weekly around this and despite choosing not to empower him and his opinion, this is where I am: cowed and scared and intimidated and avoidant. How do I get to a place where I can believe more helpful thoughts and be less reactive to his correspondence? So much mind drama about someone I do not actually respect.