Scared to be seen by people in my past.

Hi coaches,

I’m so excited about moving into my new life. I have enrolled in certification and am looking forward to growing and serving in the world…. but … I’m terrified about putting myself out there online.

I have not been a social media person, I don’t want people to see me.. looking within, I am ashamed of who / what I am.

I felt judged at school. And still continue to be afraid of being judged by those people / and people in my industry and work life.

I don’t want anyone to see me.. Is this imposter syndrome/ am I a fraud?

C – Facebook people I know
T – I am afraid of being judged
F – shame
A – don’t post online anything .. personal, work related. I read others posts and stop myself from commenting. Pull back and withdraw (failing ahead of time). I ruminate that I don’t want to be rejected by friends.
R – I am judging myself

I know that growing takes fear and taking action anyway … and so I am working on it.. and would love some bridge thoughts or the new thoughts to consider.

I am hoping you can help.