Scary goal weight

Hey Brooke, I am working my way through the overeating workshop slowly and loving it though it absolutely terrifies me and I have a swirl of chatter going through my head about why it won’t work or why I won’t stick to it etc etc

But my question is;
I am 172cm tall and Polynesian build and currently weigh 96kgs after the birth of my son 1.5 years ago. I have always told myself “you’ve never weighed less than 78kgs” “if you lost too much weight you would look sick” “you aren’t a petite build so you’ll never be able to lose too much”.

I originally had a goal of 84kgs (pre-baby weight but still heavy) then I changed it to 78kgs (lowest I remember weighing ever and I was happy at this weight) and now I have changed it to 72kgs which TERRIFIES and EXCITES me all at once. BUT now I’m sitting here challenging my thoughts and realize I’ve always wanted to weigh (not physically look like it but just to be able to say that I do) 68kgs but didn’t allow myself to desire that because I thought it was so out of the realm of possibility like Unicorns or flying pigs.

What would you recommend as a goal weight for my height and cultural build? (Is cultural build even a thing – I’ve always been told it was)…