Schedule Time to celebrate success.

I initially started this as a question, but having written all my thoughts down. I exactly know the answer. I still wanted to share it though 🙂
I just finished a Technical review with my team at work today. It went really well!
This was one of the opportunities I have been waiting for a while and it finally happened. So having delivered it successfully means a lot to me. Now, my mind wants to slack off but also continue delivering value.
Initial Question :
How would you change your thoughts in this situation? It does seem reasonable to take a break but I can’t afford a break. How would you keep yourself going? 🙂

Thought download:
I have worked so many nights in a row for this, its fair if I want to slow down now.
I have a vacation coming up, I should take that time to unwind and not now (at work).
While at work, deliver as much as you can , provide as much value as possible (Brooke’s course on Money taught me this – It doesn’t matter how many hours you work for it , it matters what value you provide – LOVE IT)
My work is pretty fast paced and competitive. If I slack off, I’ll be left behind and I’ll miss other opportunities in the future.

My answer (new thoughts):
Just slacking off at work is not celebrating success. That would bring resentment and not joy.
It is very reasonable to want to celebrate success. So schedule time on your calendar to do it! – We are going out to a nice dinner tonight 🙂
Now get back to work and kick more ass!