scheduling conflict

I am hosting a large public event in late September that I now realize conflicts with Yom Kippur, the holiest of Jewish holidays. The event was scheduled six months ago and if I had been aware of the conflict then, I would not have chosen this date. I believe my options are to keep the date, change the date, or cancel — all which have repercussions and consequences. After consulting with a number of trusted advisors I have decided to move forward with the event on the date as scheduled.

I’m terribly disappointed in myself for not being aware of the conflict sooner, deeply embarrassed for making what feels like a terrible mistake, doing it so publicly and potentially offending many people. I am reeling emotionally with thoughts and feelings about the whole thing and want to get some emotional sobriety around the topic so that I can move forward with integrity and respect for myself and those who may be angered or offended by this choice.

I count you among my trusted advisors, Brooke! Thank you for SCS and this forum for getting coaching in real time.