Scheduling failure

Greetings! I have utterly failed this month to stay to my schedule. I am okay with that–baby steps, and I’m learning as I go–but I am trying to figure out why.

One big reason (among others) is that I have not been able to fit tasks in the time allotted. I have also been unable to discern whether this is because I truly don’t leave enough time (thus proving to myself that I can’t do it), or whether I am taking longer than I should for many of these tasks. I have noticed that even when I get to work, then work steadily and with focus, I am usually not done in the time I allotted.

Any help figuring this out?

C: I have not kept to my schedule this month.
T: I can’t do it, there’s too much to do in the time I give myself. (I suck at scheduling?)
F: frustration, helplessness
A: I feel like a failure
R: I don’t keep to my schedule

C: I have not kept to my schedule this month
T: I still got a lot done, and I’ll keep going until I figure out how to get everything done
F: Motivation to keep trying
A: Make a new schedule.
R: ?

I don’t know. Ultimately I got so far behind I ended up throwing my schedule out the window. I can’t tell whether I just took on too much, or what is going on.