Scheduling my life as my future self!

Thank you so much for your responses to my questions Badass 2.0 and “5m and don’t care about chardonnay mind” – so, so good!

It was instant relief to read you assessment that I was having so much drama around the book writing, and that the fact that I haven’t done it yet is irrelevant to my future. This makes me feel more the possibility I felt in my teens/early twenties – when I knew how hardworking I was and I had so much confidence in the future I would create. That is an incredible feeling and that + twenty years of experience and maturity is what I want to feel now that I’m almost forty. Focus on that rather than on thoughts like, “I should’ve done it by now.” That goes nowhere.

My question today is a combination of those two previous questions. I love, love, love how disciplined and clear you are about your schedule and I am riveted when you talk about planning from the place of having achieved the $100M goal. A few of my top current goals are to generate $500K in profit by Dec 1 of 2019 (combined income from my coaching practice and art sales), have finished my novel and have a publishing deal, have published a poetry book, and have finished and found a production route for my play/screenplay. I also want to have started an institute that is like an incubator for creative genius/top performers pushing the boundaries of what’s possible from across all disciplines (business to arts to sports to social good) and mix in seasoned people with people who may be at the beginning of their journey but have heart, grit, and a burning vision.

My thought about this is part “This is amazing, this is terrifying, but I think you can totally do this…” to “This is a lot, you don’t have enough time, you are going to burn yourself out, you’ll ruin your health and family life and never have time for your kids and husband…”

Thanks to you, though, and the example of an 18 hour work week, being wildly creative and productive as you are, and having that 100M goal WHILE adhering to a schedule that honors your family time and other aspects of personal well-being…I do go back to believing I can do this.

I know you said you began by scheduling family time/downtime/restorative time. Do you have any suggestions after that about how to schedule my days and the next 18 months?

Thank you, Brooke!