Scheduling Overwhelm

I am new to Self Coaching Scholars this month and my mind is already happily blown. I have studied just about every self-help method out there and, until now, I continued to feel stuck and overwhelmed in my life. For the first time in so long I can feel myself getting clear and unstuck and empowered. Brooke, the way you cut through all the BS and keep things super simple and show us *how* to take action is just exactly what I have needed. Thank you!

I have spent today filling out my “How to Get it Done” book and have a couple of questions.

First, do you use a particular app that you really love for scheduling? I started writing my to dos in my planner and it doesn’t feel as clear and organized as I would like. Also, I’m wondering, when you schedule your to dos, how do you schedule personal things? I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by this task. Do you put a time to everything (work-related and personal)? How specific with times and tests do you get? Do you have a specific time to check and write emails/texts/make phone calls, etc…Do you follow the same routine every day for ordinary things like taking a shower, exercising, cleaning the house?

In the past, one of the greatest sources of pain for me has been that I have tended to spin around and around in my head, feeling unable to decide what to do next, feeling overwhelmed by *all* the options. Often when I have chosen one thing to do, I feel torn and conflicted, thinking I *should* be doing something else. So I know scheduling/getting clear is super necessary/critical for me.

I so appreciate all the help I can get on this.