Scheduling for productivity and attaining goals

I am currently reading The One Thing. And then yesterday I hear Michael Hyatt has a new book on goal setting. I have read and used many methods since graduate school. Making and keeping a schedule that takes care of me, my contract work/business, 3 kids, lawyer husband, coaching (as a dream and goal, learning all I can), money, my wonderful friendships, all the usuals of life, and other Do goals is a regular challenge. The model has helped with the overwhelm, deciding ahead of time helps me keep commitments. Out of this description of the problem, I have two questions.

Question 1: What do you do?: I want to know if you use a daily structure or if you would recommend one. Such that a particular schedule is a habit. Productivity and peace increases as a result of the constraint. What is that basic structure (maker/manager, master schedule, delegation)? Do you use paper, ecalendars, Pomodoro timers, etc. I would really like the details. A podcast episode perhaps?

Question 2: How big a deal is it in the first place? I get the feeling that productivity schedules are much like what you said once about budgets. Everyone who recommends and teaches budgeting are not doing them. They have some other beliefs and practices that make their money work. I am tempted to go with my two best teachers on this (Tao te Ching, The Work by Byron Katie) instead. Could that even be possible?

In summary, if blocking time, protecting time, setting timers is the way to increase productivity, I will keep studying it and figuring it out. But if its yoga practice, I want to do that! Either way tell me what you have learned works from your experience. Recommend any materials.
XOXO Love, love, love you so much!!! I found you 2 years ago. In future days, I’ll get to thank you in person for saving me from insanity and helping me build I life I adore!