More scheduling questions-AMD

Hi Brooke,

I just read the post from the scholar talking about all the wedding she committed to. Can you talk more about scheduling rest and scheduling me time? I have been noticing a tendency to almost be physically abusive to myself with my productivity.

I will force myself to keep working rather then get up and use the bathroom,. To the point that I may not use it all day at work. I can work a 10-hour day and never drink and never eliminate.

Obviously that’s extreme, and since I’ve stopped buffering I’ve understood that I’m doing this and I’ve made a rule that when I feel a physical urge like drinking water or getting up to use the facilities, that I just do it. So that has basically improved.

But I still find myself over-committing at the expense of myself and I’m having a hard time noticing it while I’m scheduling I only notice it at the end of a day when I feel the results of that day in my body and I look with regret at my loved ones who have been ignored.

Thanks. Amy