Scheduling rest/relaxation

Hi Brooke,
I have kicked butt this month, and I am so grateful to you for this program. One time management thing I haven’t gotten a handle on is rest/relaxation/fun time. I rarely schedule it into my day–achieving goals always seems so much more important than that. But then some days, after dinner, I just crash on the couch and feel simultaneously exhausted and anxious that I am not doing something productive.

Do you have any guidelines for scheduling rest? Is there a minimum amount you recommend? Or are there any good thoughts you can share about it? I have my two models below, but I haven’t figured out how to get the intentional thought model to result in something other than anxiety.


C: time
T: I can’t rest because there is too much to do.
F: committed
A: work my butt off
R: get tons done, feel tired, crash eventually


C: time
T: I will rest every day because rest is important
F: anxious
A: crash at end of busy day, tired and feeling anxious
R: more anxiety

I appreciate your help!