Scheduling (SB)

I have thoughts about scheduling and calendaring that end up with the result of me not sticking to my schedule.

– This has never worked before
– This is stressful
– Calendaring is too restrictive

But, then I found out that calendaring actually isn’t too restrictive – THOUGHTS about calendaring make me feel restrictive. Calendaring is actually totally neutral.

And that basically burst the bubble of being able to tell myself that lie.

So now I’m wanting to come up with some better thoughts.

C: Calendaring
T: I’m willing to learn what works and what doesn’t
F: Curious
A: I try scheduling fewer things, I try spacing things out more, I try actually resting during rest time, I try scheduling time away from the computer – I try things
R: I learn what works and what doesn’t, I develop a relationship with myself

I’ve REALLY noticed that doing what I say I’m going to do makes me feel good. I think sometimes, though, I pile way too much stuff onto myself to do at once and it backfires. This is not the relationship I want with myself.

C: Calendaring
T: I’m 100% committed to following through on my schedule and seeing how I feel
F: Committed
A: I make a calendar schedule that I think is reasonable and that honors who I am as a PERSON, rather than a workaholic machine. I make sure to reward myself for what I accomplish, and I don’t stress myself out if things don’t go perfect. I make note – hey, cooking dinner and eating takes more than 45 minutes. Let’s plan for that tomorrow. So dropping perfectionism will be important, as well.
R: I follow through on my schedule and develop a relationship with myself

Any other thoughts I can work with here? Thank you!